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Increase Energy & Vitality
Increase Immune Function
Detoxify Your Body
Decrease Stress & Anxiety

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Contact Dr. Shelly Recer, D.C. for more information on
ways you can use essential oils for health and healing or
visit Dr. Shelly’s Young Living website.

Regain the Optimum Health You Deserve!

Dr. Shelly Recer, D.C. welcomes you to Eagan Family Chiropractic and Massage,
a Chiropractic, Massage, Nutrition and Weight Loss Wellness Center located in Eagan, Minnesota. Her committment is to help people of all ages reach their full health potencial. Whether you are suffering from an injury, stress, are pregnant
or have a sedentary lifestyle that has resulted in spine subluxation, Dr. Shelly
can design a program that works for you and your body, helping you to regain
the optimum health you deserve.

What We Offer You and Your Family

Dr. Shelly treats individuals and entire families. Our special intrests include
treating women, new borns and children, as well as men. We have extensive experience treating women issues and women during their pregnancies.

Dr. Shelly is especially interested in addressing children's issues, starting with
new borns. She treats children and entire families. Dr. Shelly is a mother of six terrific kids, all have received regular treatment since the day they were born.

We are a center for chiropractic, massage, bodywraps, nutrition, essential
oils and weight loss. Education plays an important part of patient treatment.
Learn ways to prevent health problems from occurring, reduce stress and lose weight.

You Deserve a Life of Good Health.

Call today at 651.405.3990 and start living a life pain free. We can design a
program that works specifically for you and your family. Click here for directions
to our Eagan Chiropractic Office, conveniently located off of Yankee Doodle Road
on Federal Drive. Call us or e-mail us with any questions you have.

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